3 Ways to have Health and Wellbeing all Year Round

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It is GB Health and Wellbeing week and many of the trending posts are focused around exercise and diet. Here are three tips that will help build a healthy mind – the real powerhouse of the body.

3 Ways to have Health and Wellbeing all Year Round

1.      Experience the NOW. Many of us spend much time worrying about what has already passed or fearing what lies in the future. We miss what is happening right now. Do this little exercise to increase what is now being called ‘mindfulness’ – living in the present.

Close your eyes and then imagine turning up the intensity to each of your sense in turn. Tune into smell – what can you smell? Tune into sound, what can you now hear that you weren’t aware of before? Tune into your skin, what can you feel against it? Then tune into your feelings, what are you now aware of? Finally, open your eyes and just look around and take more notice of what is around you.

2.     Stop and breath. Breathing is something we rarely concentrate on because it is run subconsciously. However we can take conscious control over it to reduce the ‘fight or flight’ response that we get when anxious. The simplest and most effective technique I use is:

As you breath out, take control and breath out until it feels as if your lungs are empty. Then just relax and the air will flow back in all by itself. When you have finished breathing in, assume control again and keep pushing the air out beyond that natural point. No need to count, no need to hold your breath – just deflate the lungs as far as you can – that’s it! Just doing this half a dozen times is enough to override the sympathetic nervous system and release different chemicals into the blood stream to support relaxation.

3.     Smile at strangers. We are fundamentally pack animals and the more connected we feel, the happier we tend to be. So make it a habit to smile at people you don’t know, or just say ‘Good morning’ as you pass. Not everyone will respond but most people will react positively and this, in turn, will create a positive emotion in you.

Anxiety and depression are fed from a perception of a lack of control.  All of these activities will increase the perception of control, stimulating a  different neurochemical functioning of the mind leading to the ability to access more positive feelings.

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Provided by Caroline Cavanagh an award winning therapist and author of Anxiety Alchemy.

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