Standing in queues

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Are you are looking forward to tackling the shops and the queues when Christmas shopping?

Standing in queues

Practice your posture when standing in queues, it will stop your legs from aching.

Hints and tips from Chiropractor Sandie at Afon House

Did you ever wonder how soldiers on guard duty can fall asleep standing up?

It’s because they have perfect posture and then relax into it. The muscles are relaxed, and the skeleton takes the weight of the head (it weighs the same as a good sized bowling ball).

Many people stand really badly and walk really badly. I sometimes copy my patients’ posture and it’s easy to see why they have low back pain, stiff necks, and headaches.

Here are a few hints and tips on how to adopt perfect posture without looking like a soldier on guard duty.

  • Keep your weight back on your heels. Your weight should be mainly on your heels with the ball of the foot used for balance. You should be able to wiggle your toes. If you have your weight forward on your toes it will make the muscles in your legs tight and they will ache very quickly. Also, if you are wearing heel, the balls of your feet will burn. Get your weight back over your heels.
  • Have your buttocks slightly tense to gently tuck your tail in. There should be a slight sense of stretch in the front of your hips. We spend so much time sitting that the muscles in the front of the hips can shorten and will encourage you to walk with your bottom sticking out. You will get a flat, flabby bottom. So, tense your buttocks gently to feel that stretch in the front.
  • Lift your chest. Imagine having a tiny puppy on your chest and don’t let it fall off.
  • Let your shoulder blades drop down your back. Your arms should relax at your sides. If you are struggling with this, try turning your hands outwards so your palms face forwards. This will give you the flat shoulder blades. Once you know how your shoulder blades feel when they are flat, you can turn your hands back to a more natural position.
  • Gently tuck your chin in. Not such that you give yourself a double chin but elongate your neck with your chin tucked, so you are looking straight ahead.


If you find you are struggling with any of the above, or if you have any aches and pains which are not resolving book in for a free chat by calling Afon House on 01722 820400.

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