11 Tips for Feeling Great

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1. Remember to Breathe
A surprising number of us don’t breathe properly or hold our breath. Get into the habit of checking that you’re remembering to breathe. Your belly should gently expand when you breathe in using your full lung capacity.

2. Let go of tension
Take a moment to scan your body. Breathe deeply and notice anywhere that feels tense. Squeeze and release any muscles that are tense and take a few more breaths to relax. Use the energy you’ll save for something fun!

3. Clean your energy as well as your body
Imagine you are standing under a waterfall of silver coloured rain. Feel it washing over you and through your body. Allow it to wash away any tension, worries or aches and pains.

4. Plant your feet
Focus on the soles of your feet standing on the ground. Imagine you have magnets in your feet or roots growing down into the earth: Just what you need to combat those stressed or ‘air-head’ moments.

5. In perfect balance
Imagine dropping a plumb line from the crown of you head through the centre of your body and out between your legs. Imagine your body is dangling off the string and gently coming into perfect balance.

6. Protecting your energy
We’ve all experienced feeling our energy drained after ten minutes with Mr/Ms Negative. Visualise or sense a ball of white light around you. Any negativity can bounce off the outside: great before a challenging meeting!

7. Learn to meditate (it’s easier than you think)
Meditation is great to reduce stress, improve concentration and boost energy levels by relaxing your body and focusing your mind (without falling asleep). There are many different techniques or a guided CD can be useful.

8. More H20 and less caffeine
Caffeine stimulates the adrenal glands and uses up precious energy. The boost is short-lived leaving you more tired. Drink a glass of water with each cuppa and mix caffeinated and decaf coffee to cut down without losing all the kick.

9. Do you really ‘have’ to do what you ‘have’ to do?
It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by a never ending ‘To Do’ list. Ask yourself honestly ‘What would really be the worst that would happen if I didn’t do…’ then see how essential it really is.

10. Laughter really is the best medicine
We can all get heavy and take ourselves too seriously at times. Learn to laugh at yourself in a gentle way. Accept that making mistakes is part of life and then you can be gentle with yourself and grow.

11. Learn Reiki
Reiki can be learnt by almost anyone. It is a wonderfully pure natural energy that you can learn to use to bring healing and relaxation to your own body

These tips should help you on the way to feeling great but if you’d like to book a healing session, attend a meditation class, learn Reiki or buy a meditation CD then contact Karen 0794 103 1427 / karen@naturalhealingenergy.co


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