Tips for Creating a Presentation

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I am sure that you have all been there at some point……Friday afternoon, thinking of the weekend, relaxing, going out for meal, see a film or theatre, walking then dog then BANG! Boss comes in, on their way to the weekend away – “Oh, can you sort the presentation out for Monday please” – we humbly say Yes, No Problem!

Points to Note –Don’t panic!  Just pause and think about it, you have the knowledge, you know the job anyway – you can and will shine!  So lets start with a few pointers.

Who are you speaking to                             What’s in it for them?
What is the message                                   Inform, Inspire
Where is the meeting & format                    Boardroom, Conference, Sales Meeting
When is the meeting                                    Early morning, after lunch, late afternoon
How do you want to present this?              Powerpoint, Video clips, Music, Walk n Talk
How long do you have                                5 Mins, 45 Minutes
WIIFT                                                           What’s In, It, For, Them ?
WIITM                                                          What’s In, It, For, Me ?
Get in the Zone                                            Get YOUR mindset ready        

Now start using Powerpoint or even Post In Notes with the subjects and subheadings.  Slides should act as triggers, don’t put huge about of text on a slide.  May be tell a story, offer a video, some pictures – if all can demonstrate your message. Take time to prepare and create your script/message and the rest WILL fall into place.

Rehearse the timings –you can use Powerpoint to do this. Make it visual and keep it simple.  Make a great Impact in the first 10 seconds and the rest will follow. 

If you need more help than the team at Hector Merrywheather is here to help.  We understand as we do this most days.  Call 01722 346269 and let us help.

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