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Business Mentoring:

1. Start each day by spending 10 minutes planning and prioritising the tasks for that day, write them on your white board!

2. Managing your time means knowing what you are going to do, when you are going to do and how long you will give yourself – that is discipline!

3. Create a simple business plan which highlights turnover targets, overheads and profit margins, it will focus your mind on your financial objectives.

4. Be very clear about your target client and market, know who they are and where to find them, remember, they need your services.

Personal Coaching:

1. ‘You get what you focus on’ so focus on your strengths and use them every

2. ‘Failure is feedback’, so there is no such thing as failure, only learning from past experiences.

3. True confidence is about being good to yourself and others – all the time, not just some times or occasionally!

Spiritual Awareness:

1. Know your divine purpose in life and apply that in your business, for example, are you on this earth to make a difference or just to make a living.

2. Give gratitude every day for what you have and want what you have rather than having what you want.

3. Learn to ‘live in the moment’, it is priceless and gives you spiritual freedom.


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